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Scotlands First Dementia Friendly Hotel Room


We created Scotlands first ever ‘Dementia Friendly Hotel Room’!

As hogmanay comes to an end and we look forward to what this new year holds, we though we would look back on one of 2019’s proudest highlights.

In the summer the Carlton worked in collaboration with the NHS and Dementia Friendly Prestwick to create a room that could be used by guests living with dementia. The room was to meet various health and safety criteria as well as being comfortable and stylish. In order to achieve this Vivien Kyle, worked alongside designer Simon Andrade of Lucid Interiors.

From the designer

“The Dementia room at the Carlton was a very exciting project to create. Being the first in Scotland, and the first I had ever done, it was also an opportunity to learn. Every aspect of the room had to be re-thought so that it provided the most comfortable environment for guests using it. There was so much to consider.

Mirrors and other reflective surfaces needed to be able to be covered if necessary. Vibrant contrasting colours were used on the furniture so that guests can easily differentiate their surroundings. Flooring between the bedroom and ensuite had to be tonally the same. Signage to the bedroom was also large scale and bold – much more easily seen and also has the ability to be personalised.

We needed all the practical elements, but these had to be woven into an aesthetic more aligned with a hotel bedroom or someone’s home. There is also a considerable amount of technology used within the room. Things that are not seen, but work silently in the background. Pressure sensitive pads, movement sensors, night light LEDS and wiring circuits are just a few.

It was a privilege to be asked to design the first Dementia room in Scotland. I hope we have pathed the way for more hotels to follow suit.”

Staff Training

In addition to the design of the room, we also made amendments elsewhere. New menus and guest information packs were created by our marketing team and our staff also received specialist NHS training. This ensures that not only can we provide a secure and safe environment for our guests living with dementia. We can also provide the customer facing experience to match.