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Reasons to Book a Staycation in 2021


Holidays as we know them have changed in the last year or so and now more than ever it’s time to appreciate what we have right here in Scotland. Nobody knows for sure what the future will hold for international travel and although we hope for its return this year, we think UK staycations are a trend that are quite rightly here to stay. We’ve rounded up a list of reasons that explain exactly why…


  1. It’s Just More Practical!

As much as we all miss our holidays abroad, it’s fair to say that ‘staycations’ are far more practical in many ways. Not to bring up the obvious issue *cough* global pandemic *cough*, but whether we like it or not Staycations are the most stress-free way to get a luxurious and relaxing break in 2021.  Not only that but gone are the days of uncomfortable travel journeys and infuriating extra expenses, as staycations allow a relaxed experience from start to finish. This notion is relevant with or without government restrictions and the ease associated with a staycation is something that will never be matched when it comes to international travel.


  1. There’s Less Uncertainty

We have faced so much uncertainty in the past year and the whole point of a break is to get away from that type of stress, right? Staycations offer peace of mind in that you are far less likely to experience travel bans, quarantine periods and other last-minute complications. While we will still need to follow some government restrictions during our staycations, there is far more freedom surrounding this type of break and therefore you can look forward to a holiday the way it should be – stress free.


  1. It’s Affordable

Staycations offer unbeatable value for money with no hidden costs and plentiful special offers available throughout the year. Here at the RAD Hotel Group, we try our best to deliver affordable staycation prices with regular DBB packages on offer such as our current “Lazy Sunday” package as well as our “Summer Staycation” packages which includes offers on longer stays of up to 5 nights. With the money you are likely to save on things like travel, passports, and visas, you will be able to invest in amazing experiences right here in the UK.


  1. You’re Helping the Local Economy

As we all know, our domestic economy has taken a hit due to the ongoing pandemic and by choosing to book a staycation you are choosing to support the economy as a whole. Local hospitality businesses are so deserving of your support, just think of all the bars, restaurants, hotels, and shops that were forced to close their doors for an incredibly long period of time. It’s time to bring them back to life and appreciate what they have to offer!


  1. You Get to Take in Beautiful Scottish Sights!

Now, we are all guilty of taking our magnificent country for granted. A staycation is the perfect opportunity to set aside some time to explore the breath-taking sights that Scotland has to offer. Our lovely hotels are each set in picturesque Scottish locations so what better place to start?


We wish you a 2021 filled with amazing memories and we can’t wait to be a part of some of those as we host your well-deserved staycation breaks!

If you haven’t booked yours yet, what’s stopping you?